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Episode 63:
Other Bodies

Published On Oct 16,2014

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Since people ask now and then, here’s how you can help:

- Spread the word. Tell a friend. Tell all of your friends. Tell your weird uncle. Tweet about the podcast. Use ___________ (insert other social media site) to ____________ (insert social media site-related verb) about it. Blog about it. Write articles about it. Interview me. Whatever.

-If you hear a Memory Palace piece on the radio (they pop up on public radio now and then, here and there) write to the station or program on which you heard it. Tell them you liked it. Tell them you’d like to hear more.

-Write an review and rate it on iTunes. iTunes rankings work not off raw numbers of downloads or listens or whatnot but off activity (I’m told). The more people are downloading and subscribing and rating and writing reviews the higher a podcast moves up the rankings. The higher a podcast moves, the more prominently it gets displayed, the more just-curious listeners it gets. Virtuous circles and all that.

-Donate. On this site or over on the Maximum Fun site.

-Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. There are gatekeepers out there for whom how many followers someone has really, really matter.

-Hire me to create a Memory Palace audio-tour for your museum or historic site. If you happen to have one lying around. It’s just something I’ve wanted to do. That’s all.

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Some Largish News

As of today, July 11, 2012, the Memory Palace is part of the Maximum Fun family of podcasts. Maximum Fun is a network of sorts, but I think of it as a collective. There are a bunch of podcasts. A guy named Jesse Thorn (whom you may know from his own podcast and public radio show, Bullseye, nee The Sound of Young America, or any number of other fine cultural whatnots) has brought them all together under one umbrella. It’s all rather punk rock (in economic sense of the word; it is decidedly un-punk rock in most others).

People donate throughout the year. Once a year, like your local public radio station, there’s a fundraiser. Listeners Like You throw in a few bucks and the people who make the shows get some of those bucks. Meanwhile, Listeners Like You get to comment and interact and ask questions/troll me on the new Memory Palace page on Please head over there and poke around. Try out some of the other podcasts. There is a lot there to like.

So, what does that mean for you, Memory Palace listener?
Well, the best thing is that it means you’ll be getting a new episode at least once a month. Which is great. And I do think the web community, commenting, sharing, etc. will be cool for a lot of you. Maybe there’ll be T-shirts. I don’t know. I haven’t figured it all out yet.

But, podcast will stay the same. There may be a different promotional message tacked on to the front but the Memory Palace will remain the Memory Palace. The same odd little stories. The same format. The same heart on the same sleeve.


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